The most of attractions in Marienbad are cheap or even free – visit the Collonade, Singing Fountain, Town Museum, colorful parks or some natural beauties located around the town. During the summer there’s organized many open-air events with no entry, such as concerts, festivals and exhibitions. Other way how to cheaply enjoy the wealth of Marienbad is tasting of mineral water springs, located throughout whole the town.

If you want to safe money while exploring Marienbad with is surroundings, check-out how to use the public transportation. There’s also a lot of beautiful walking trails around the town. And last but not least, Marienbad is perfect destination for all biking lovers!

Cheap but comfortable accomodation right in the town centre is available in Pension Krásný Domov and guests have also special prices in popular Charlie Restaurant located nearby. And if you don’t need so much of comfort or rather appriciate peaceful stay within the nature, look what camps are located around the town.

Marienbad is also a perfect place for active but low-cost family vacation – there’s free natural leisure area in Prelát park or the beautiful Boheminium Miniatur Park with very reasonable entry and special family discounts. Just few steps from here you can find also nice fairytale statues collection or little deer park, both accessible for free. Get more inspiration in category Marienbad with children.

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