Small, but interesting local museum is presenting the Best of history and nature of Marienbad and surroundings. Learn more about famous guests, beginnings of the town or about history and development of balneology and spa care. Don‘t miss special expositions showing rooms of Johann Wolfgang Goethe and English King Edward VII.

The building, where the Museum is placed, is the oldest building in the historical part of the town and it can help you to imagine how the town looked in the time of its founding. The house was originally called „Zlatý hrozen“ („Golden grape“ in English), but it’s known more as „Goethe House“ today, because exactly at this place Goethe used to sleep during his stay in Marienbad. You can still visit his original flat, where he whispered love poems to his teenage girlfriend Ulrika von Lebentzow, because owners of the house fortunately kept all Goethe’s personal things in perfect conditions for all the long time.

Another interesting expositions present the story of famous Spa Wafers, the collection of historical spa cups or the most interesting information about local geology. There’s also little gallery and an open-air geological park, situated just few steps from the building. Don’t miss the poetry jukebox, located on the street in front of the Town Museum.

Goethovo náměstí 11, 353 01 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | opening Tuesday–Sunday 09.30–17:30 | website (cz only) | more information

All the expositions:

History of Mariánské Lázně and the West Bohemian region

  • Teplá Monastery and beginnings of the town
  • important personalities
  • town’s development
  • collections of tin, china and glass


  • Utilization of the mineral springs – spa treatment
  • drinking treatments
  • bottling

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

  • Goethe’s rooms, where he stayed in 1823
  • Exhibition dedicated to Goethe and his stays in Mariánské Lázně

Geological evolution and nature of the region

  • geological evolution of the region
  • mineralogy of the region
  • mineral resources uses
  • mineral and simple waters
  • The Slavkov Forest Protected Landscape Area (CHKO Slavkovský les)
  • Mariánské Lázně


Photo by: Josef Pavlovic