Loket town

Walk within the medieval houses, enjoy beautiful view above the valley of Ohře river or visit some of atmospheric performances in local famous natural amphitheater. Loket is just must-visit for all lovers of the history, romantic souls or for everybody who wants to charm Instagram followers.

Loket town


The Castle

Charming scenery of Loket castle, built from stone on a top of granite rock and runaround by the Ohře river, is so photogenic! But don’t miss what’s hidden inside – romantic rooms with rare collection of porcelain, the unique exposition of medieval torture with special effects and moving figures or the smallest rotunda of the world preserved from 12th century and devoted to St. Agnes. Visit the website.

Hrčírna café and gallery

The beautiful and living café, gallery and handcraft shop – drinking coffee here is a real artificial experience! Enjoy friendly atmosphere, helpful staff and delicious home made ice-cream. Or purchase some souvenirs – all the artworks on sale are made by local artists. There’s also a computer with free internet available. Visit the website (cz only).

The Black Tower

The mysterious medieval tower hides interesting educational book-binding exposition with an original equipment of the historical bookstore. Climb all the stairs, learn something new and enjoy beautiful lookout from the top! Read more information.

St. Florian Brewery

Little family brewery is situated in former malt house from 14th century, where you can find also atmospherical alehouse, stylish hotel or little museum of historical spa cups. Don’t miss the local shop, where you can provide some original gifts for your friends – we can recommend special beer cosmetics made from natural sources. Visit the website.

Svatošské rocks

This place is simply charming – follow the Ohře river and enjoy the beautiful countryside full of  huge and bizzare shaped granite rocks. It’s a bit farther from the town but definitely worth for a day-long trip or at least whole afternoon. It’s also one of the Best locations of West Bohemia for kayaking and canoeing. Read more information.

Loket town

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Photos by: Luděk Domabyl, Daniel Vaško, Veronika Prodis, taken from kvpoint.cz