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Start with highlights – the Collonade(s), the Singing Fountain, the Boheminium Miniatur park or the Town Parks.

Learn about natural sources of Marienbad and its miraculous healing power – taste all the Water Springs and read where to enjoy the Best of Spa and Wellness.

It’s not only springs that you just MUST try in Marienbad – visit some trendy foodie spots or enjoy the cheap but honest cuisine as locals do. Check out where to have the Best coffee in the town and don’t forget to try famous traditional Spa Wafers.

Marienbad is a paradise not only for bikers – there’s a lot of infrastructure for many kinds of sports. Enjoy  some adrenalin adventures or find out the most beautiful swimming pools.

Travelling with family? Don’t miss amazing natural children playground in Prelát Park with attractions designated for all ages. But there’s much more fun throughout whole the town and even around the Collonade. Check out all the category Marienbad with children.

Love another way of traveling and rather prefer to visit some spots that are not so touristic? Look what abandoned buildings or mystical places are located around Marienbad. Read more about forgotten villages in the Border zone or visit the famous Nimrod Hotel – the real house of horror.

Come to enjoy all the beauty and fun with us – make your journey comfortable and check out some useful information. Done? Great! All that remains now is to choose the Best accomodation.


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All photos by: Josef Pavlovic

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Annual Events Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:58:11 +0000 Sport and Outdoor

Culture and Art


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Pure Nature Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:57:52 +0000 Marienbad woods

The fallen King of spruces

This giant and very old tree was one of symbols of the town and its history, but was unfortunately damaged during violent storm last year. According to the legend, the tree was planted probably the same year when the town was upgraded to an official Spa resort. The huge fallen tribe was left on its original place, so you can still come and admire its beauty. The path to the King of Spruces is leading through a silent forest and it’s a right choice especially if you’re looking for some silent place to relax.

Czech name: Král smrků | 3 km from the town center | GPS: N 49°59.16245′, E 12°40.77567′ | show on map | more information

The stone of king Friedrich

Nice cluster of rounded granite boulders is located in the part of Marienbad called „The Little Switzerland“. It was also a popular viewpoint in the past, these days unfortunately overgrown by high trees around. But it’s still romantic and enjoyable not only for children or as a nice place for picnic. The place is dedicated to one of the famous visitors – the bavarian King Friedrich August II.

Czech name: Fridrichův kámen | 1,1 km from the town center | GPS: N 49°58.59312′, E 12°42.91970′ | show on map

Kladská peat-bogs

Enjoy the fresh air and the relaxing walk through the amazing countryside. Discover atmospheric peat bogs, deep forests and all the secrets of an old hunting area. There’s also a great restaurant available. Recommended with children, accessible for wheelchairs and trolleys.

Czech name: Kladská | 8,6 km from the town center | GPS: N 50°1.53308′, E 12°40.07518′ | show on map | more information



The name of this place means „stinky“ in english and there’s a reason why is it called like that. The special swamp (exactly „moffetes“) is interesting not only because of the natural gases, springing around from the ground. This little remnant of the historical volcanic activity could be a funny tip for the families with children, but both for the lovers of mysterious places. There’s a lot of stories about ghosts and paranormal activities around – and as well, it’s just few steps from the famous abandoned hotel Nimrod, known as the real house of horror.

Czech name: Smraďoch | 6,3 km from the town center | GPS: N 50°0.77908′, E 12°43.01360′ | show on map

Podhorní hill

The mysterious hill with two peaks and a popular viewpoint on the top is an extinct volcano. In earlier times locals believed, that there’s a home of the Spirit of the Hill – the ruler of the nature and weather. Climb the stone stars and enjoy one of the Best views in whole region, or find the hidden natural gem – the old peat bog with a smelling seepage of volcanic gasses.

Czech name: Podhorní vrch | 6,9 km from the town center | GPS: N 49°58.41300′, E 12°46.18080′ | show on map

Border area and the Dyleň hill

Explore wild forests, unacessible during the communism for more than 40 years. There are not many places in the Europe with the nature intact and pure like here. Don’t miss the highest point of the region – the top of the Dyleň hill, or the historical milestone of the centre of the Europe marked supposedly by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Czech name: Dyleň | 34,3 km from Marienbad | GPS: N 49°58.07758′, E 12°30.16933′ | show on map

Border area

Three Crosses

This place is unique with its atmosphere but as well because of the incredible nature around. But please, if you plan a visit, stay thoughtful and strictly follow the pathways. This small natural reservation is a home of extremely rare flowers and plant species, which are endemic and could be found only in this area today. This is also one of the best locations of the entire region to watch the sunset.

Czech name: Křížky | 13,5 km from Marienbad | GPS: N 50°3.96490′, E 12°44.87563′ | show on map

The Kajetán pond

The mysterious Kajetan pond is a stealthy place situated in the middle of the woods. It’s named after its founder Kajetán, the earl von Berchem-Haimhausen and the royal chamberlain.  During the communism it was a part of a refugee trail, but unfortunately monitored by a communist secret police called „StB“ – so many people lost all their hopes and dreams right here on this place, while being arrested. Today is this place freely accessible again and it’s offering pure natural beauties – the dark and cold pond is surrounded by green swamp and the deep and wild forest. The pond surface is covered by beautiful white flowers called „ďáblík“, but be careful – it means „a little devil“ in english and it‘ s because the flower is highly poisonous.

Czech name: Kajetán | 13,5 km from Marienbad | GPS: N 49°55.29028′, E 12°34.94927′ | show on map

Branka – little waterfalls

This forest is sincerely wild and it’s hiding really fairytale sceneries. Follow the river which is overcoming thousands of rounded rubblestones and making the little waterfalls between them. The nature here is highly protected (especially the water). Discover the ruins of an old medieval mill or take a rest in an absolutely silent and uncivilized environment of the border woods.

Czech name: Branka | 34,8 km from Marienbad | GPS: N 49°49.31612′, E 12°32.15738′ | show on map



Unique protected natural area, sometimes called as a „Czech yellowstone“, is something unmatched in all the central Europe. Mud volcanos, bubbling springs and variegated mineral waters create bizarre sceneries looking as somewhere in the Iceland. Highly recommended for photographers, families with children or everybody who loves the nature. Accessible for wheelchair and trolleys.

Czech name: Národní přírodní rezervace SOOS | 42,5 km from Merienbad | GPS: N 50°8.99702′, E 12°24.18542′ | show on map

Bečov nad Teplou – Botanical garden

This botanical garden is really special, and not only because of its famous history. Don’t expect so much formal attractions (the garden is still under the reconstruction), but the most friendly atmosphere you could ever imagine. „Touch the nature“, that could be a motto of this incredible place. And as well, this is probably the only botanical garden opened 24 hours a day!

Czech name: Bečovská botanická zahrada | 18,9 km from Marienbad | GPS: N 50°4.88868′, E 12°49.57215′ | show on map | website (cz only)

Svatošské rocks

The canyon of the Ohře river, engraved into the giant granite rocks, is something for words are not enough. The shapes of the rocks resemble the wedding procession and maybe you don’t know, that one of the most popular fairytales written by Hans Christian Andersen is inspired by a story originally narrating right about this beautiful scenery. Perfect place for biking, walking, canoeing or mountaineering, recommended also for families with children or as a very romantic place for couples in love.

Czech name: Svatošské skály | 42,1 km from Marienbad | GPS: N 50°11.60145′, E 12°48.86448′ | show on map | more information


All photos by: Josef Pavlovic

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10 Reasons Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:57:38 +0000 Ferdinand Collonade

I. You don’t have to go out of the town to see the nature.

In Marienbad is nature everywhere around you.


II. You don’t need to carry heavy bottles with drinks.

Here you can find fresh tasty water almost at every step.

Marienbad Arnika

III. The Art Noveau styled Colonnade is decorated with astronauts.

Seriously. This is something you can see in Marienbad only.

New Spa Roman Bath

IV. Marienbad was visited by Thomas Alva Edison, general Patton, Sigmund Freud, Goethe or Edward the VII, famous british king.

Are you sure you want to be the only one who miss it?

Kladská Natural Reservation

 V. The town hall is ruled by Pirates.

Just say it. You must feel the adventure in the air.


 VI. You’ll enjoy the fun while traveling with childrens.

And not only during the summer season.

Karolina's Collonade

 VII. You’ll enjoy the fun while traveling without childrens.

And not only during the summer season.

Ferdinand's Collonade

VIII. You can find the Best of Europe on one place – in Marienbad.

Great spa like in old Roma, nature like in Switzerland, culture like in Wienna. English styled parks, Royal golf playcourt, casino which could be placed in Monaco. And last but not least – great gastronomy offering many of famous european cuisines. Alright, we are maybe a little overpraising, but anyway – only in Marienbad you can combine all these attractions to the best vacation you’ve ever had.

New Spa

 IX. You can find the Best of Czech republic on one place – in Marienbad.

Just visit Miniaturpark Boheminium and you’ve already seen all the Czech most important and famous buildings.

New Spa

 X. Marienbad is one of 30 the most beautiful European towns.

And on this ranking list – made by more than 300 Japanese travel agencies and publicated in famous The Daily Telegraph – is this nice little spa town as an only Czech representative. It simply means that Marienbad is the most beautiful place in Czech Republic

Marienbad at night

All photos by: Josef Pavlovic


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Biking around Marienbad Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:56:39 +0000 Biking in Marienbad

Long or short, easy or really challenging, passing throught the busy tourist destinations or throught the absolutely silent and wild nature, full of sightseeing or even thematic. And in all these cases well-marked and easy to orientate. Yes, we are talking about biking and walking trails around Marienbad. Enjoy the comfortable infrastructure, fresh air and pleasant Central-European weather, as well as the amazing nature and romantic historical towns and villages along the routes.

West of Bohemia is criss-crossed by biking trails and there’s something for everybody. Here you have some our recommendation:

Easy riders

Visit the charming Kynžvart castle and parks around. Relax in the romantic forest chapel or take a guided tour and visit the famous „Cabinet of couriosities“ (and much more). There’s also great restaurant available. The trail is 20 km long and the biggest part is leading through a forest, so it’s enjoyable during hot summer days too.

Families with children

Use a cableway to go to the top of the Krakonoš hill. There you can find the Boheminium miniaturpark, nice fairytale statues collection or a mysterious and romantical castle, adapted to a luxury hotel. After you‘ll enjoy enough of interesting attractions here, follow the road around the deer-park and after 4 kilometers of slow descent (see the map here) you’ll enter the natural children playground in Prelát park.

Biking hardcore

The requested ability of this ride is high, but it’s something absolutely unigue and if you want to enjoy the real adventure, this is the Best choice. The trail is a part of the longest European bicykling route established under the EuroVelo project and called „The Iron Curtain Trail“. It will take you to forgotten places in the border region, where was impossible to go for almost a half of century and whole this time it was used by soldiers only. Discover abandoned military objects or absolutely intouched nature. Get ready for the difficult terrain and long distances with almost no civilization.

Before you choose, read what you should know about bicycling in Czech Republic.


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The Best of Gastronomy Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:56:15 +0000

Want to try some haute cuisine? Here you have 5 places where to spoil your taste buds:

Medité Tapas Bar

The famous tapas bar is the absolute number one in Marienbad. Delicious spanish cuisine, fine wines and excellent service, everything for very reasonable prices. The only minus is that the restaurant is quite small, so don’t forget to make a reservation. They don’t accept credit cards there, so take enough of cash (ATM is on the opposite side of the street).

Hlavní 279/7, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | opening monday to friday 16:00-23:00; saturday & sunday 11:00-23:00 | website | Tripadvisor

Gourmet Restaurant Villa Patriot

Highly-rated gourmet restaurant with cozy interiors and beautiful summer terrace. Enjoy delicious mix of local products and international cuisine, exclusive collection of wines and don’t forget to taste some of delightful desserts (we recommend to try the Creme brulée). Children are welcome, babyseat available.

Dusíkova 62, 35301 Mariánské Lázně  show on map | opening 11:00-23:00 | website | Tripadvisor

Doma Restaurant

Hidden gastronomic gem of Marienbad. The name „Doma“ means „At home“ in Czech language and the restaurant offers calm and relaxing atmosphere, interiors in chic minimalist style and last but not least a masterly and modern presented Czech cuisine. Don’t miss their famous pumpkin soup.

Anglická 116/23, 35301 Mariánské Lázně  show on map | opening 7:30-22:00 | website |  Tripadvisor

Gurman Cafe & Restaurant

Romantic interiors with comfortable seats and charming chandeliers, nice terrace with a view of the busy Main Street, friendly and courteous staff and an excellent quality of food. That’s a Gurman Cafe & Restaurant, a perfect choice for every occasion.

Poštovní 734/7a, 35301 Mariánské Lázně  show on map | opening 11:30-22:00 | website | Tripadvisor

Restaurant Kladská

A must-visit foodie place, located in a lovely natural reservation Kladská about 7 km from Marienbad. The stylish restaurant is one the Best rated in whole Czech Republic and it’s combining the culinary treasures from Czech and French cuisine. Taste excellent foie grass, some of noted wild game dishes or highly rated soup with mushrooms from local forests.

Kladská 6, 35301 Mariánské Lázně  show on map | opening tuesday – sunday 12:00-22:00; closed on monday  | website (cz only) | Tripadvisor

Check out more gourmet restaurants in Marienbad and surroundings – visit, the Independent guide to the Best and Most interesting restaurants in Czech Republic.

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The Colonnade(s) Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:55:56 +0000 Marienbad Collonade

If somebody in Marianske Lazne says „The Colonnade“, usually it means a Colonnade of Maxim Gorkij known as well as a „Main“ Colonnade. But maybe you don’t know, that in fact you can find four fantastic colonnade buildings in Marienbad and each has its own magic. Anyway, you don’t know enough about this nice little spa town without visiting all of them.

The Cross Spring Colonnade

The oldest colonnade is roofing a Cross Spring and in a certain sense this building is a real heart of Marienbad. Inspired by the Roman Pantheon it’s a peak of 3 parts of town parks and it’s offering mystical impressions – enjoy the game of light and shaddows between corinthian columns, atmospheric circular spring seepage, forming a single unit with a roof dome and an impressive gilded chandelier. There’s a souvenir shop where you can buy tradicional tasting tumblers – don’t forget to taste Carolina and Rudolf springs as well.

Czech name: Kolonáda Křížového pramene | GPS: N 49°58.67913′, E 12°42.39645′ | show on map | more information

Cruise Collonade

The Main Colonnade

This promenade is just incredible! The new Baroque building with its long above 180 meters is based on an iron construction and it’s combining unique industrial architecture with romantical impresses of an old-time high society. But the most surprising is a cellar decoration – yes, there are astronauts and a space satelite on the ceiling frescos! How is that possible? Colonnade was renewed in 70’s and this cycle of ceiling frescos is actually pretty modern and it’s showing a human’s desire to fly. It’s a work of artist Josef Vyleťal, famous czech surrealist and a personal friend of Salvator Dalí.

Czech name: Hlavní kolonáda | GPS: N 49°58.59548′, E 12°42.36985′ | show on map

Main Collonade

The Karolina’s Colonnade

This small collonade is ending the main promenade and offering nice views of the Catholic church and the opulent building of the „New Spa“. The Colonnade was rebuilt in its present form in 1872, but in fact, the building is only 30 years old. In 1986 was the water spring too fade and all the colonnade needed to be moved about 10 meters aside. The best solution was to make an exact new copy of the old building and later destroy the old one. But before it was finished, for more then one year there was two exactly same colonnade buildings just next to each other! You can still find a place of an original seepage, it’s marked with a circle from the tiles and it’s situated between the present colonnade and the street.

Czech name: Karolinin pramen | GPS: N 49°58.53868′, E 12°42.43902′ | show on map | more information

Karolina Collonade

The Ferdinand’s Colonnade

The peaceful place, situated in the park and ideal to take a blanket and make a picnic, or just enjoy the rest and quiet around. The Empire styled building is from 1829 and is roofing the oldest water spring found in Marienbad. It’s called Ferdinand, because this famous emperor was the first one, who ordered the investigation of the water source because of the opportunity of producing the table salt. Unfortunately the salt had a laxative effect, so finally it needed more than 200 years to find a proper use in healing therapies. The park around the colonnade is also the Best place in a town where to play petangue (check out local tournaments), frisbee or other outdoor games.

Czech name: Kolonáda Ferdinandova pramene | GPS: N 49°57.73920′, E 12°42.43560′ | show on map | more information

Karolina Collonade

See also:

All photos by: Josef Pavlovic

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News&Events Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:55:41 +0000 We prepare some new content for this section, but don’t worry!

Meanwhile check out the actual programme at official tourist website of Marienbad.

Follow us also on Instagram and don’t miss our Instastories!

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The town of love Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:55:07 +0000 Marienbad Swan Lake

Planning a romantic weekend with somebody you love? Celebrating a wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, Valentine’s day, or simply want to enjoy some quality time together? Marienbad with its parks, colonnades, heavenly spas and gourmet restaurants is an ideal place for special moments like this. Read some our tips how to build unforgetable memories with your dearest one.

The Swan Lake

One of the most romantic sceneries in Marienbad is situated right in the town centre. Enjoy the beauty of the fountain in the middle of small lake, feed the ducks and don’t forget to add your monogrammed padlock on the handrail of the „Bridge of love“.

Czech name: Labutí jezírko | GPS: N 50°7.26007′, E 12°20.62940′ | show on map 

The Springs of Love

The „Ambroz“ Springs are really special – their healing power treats problems with love. There are three different springs – for those who are singles, married and divorced. According the legend these springs were the secret of Johann Wolfgang Goethe during his relationship to teenage Ulrika von Lebenzow.

Czech name: Ambrožův pramen | GPS: N 49°58.48800′, E 12°42.46800′ | show on map

The Chapel of Love

The chapel was founded by Julius Laska, the famous director of the local theatre. The word „Laska“ means „love“ in English, so now you probably know, why is this place so popular for weddings or rendezvous.

Czech name: Kaple Lásky | GPS: N 49°58.89985′, E 12°42.16467′ | show on map

The Christ Church

A beautiful chapel was a favorite place of British King Edward VII. It looks like typical old rural English church, builded in a gothic style. It’s a kind of couriosity, because The church of England never had any members in Czech lands. Atmospherical sanctuary is used as concert hall and a popular wedding place these days.

Czech name: Anglikánský kostel | GPS: N 49°58.46558′, E 12°42.11003′ | show on map


Relaxing walk throught beautiful countryside, charming nature, romantic wooden castle and a top-rated restaurant with a great offer of fine wines. Enjoy your special moments on one of the most beautiful places of whole West Bohemia.

Czech name: Kladská | GPS: N 50°1.53308′, E 12°40.07518′ | show on map | more information

The “Lido” lake

Natural swimming area is located in the middle of forests and you can find there a lot of hidden romantic places, where you’ll be (almost) alone.  And if the sandy and grassy beach is still not enough for you, rent a treadle or a boat and paddle into a quiet bay on the opposite side of the lake.

Czech name: Koupaliště Lido | GPS: N 49°56.49397′, E 12°41.36852′ | show on map

Summer romantic in Marienbad

All photos by: Josef Pavlovic

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Marienbad with children Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:54:52 +0000

The Prelát Park

The biggest natural children playground of West Bohemia is situated in the nice forest park on the outskirts of Marienbad and if you’re travelling with family, don’t forget to spend at least half of the day at this amazing place. Gaming components are designated to childrens of all ages, but both parents will enjoy the beauty of natural environment and spend funny times here. And maybe you’ll also appriciate, that there are no commercial shops with unhealthy sweetened products, only a fresh and natural water from the Pirate Spring.

Czech name: Přírodní park Prelát | GPS: N 48°49.22138′, E 14°39.27470′ | show on map

The Park Café 

A pleasant café with a nice outdoor seating is situated in the park in the city centre and has everything you need with children. There’s a playground with a small sandbox but both a rope course for the older ones. And especially in hot summer days will your children love a small and beautiful brook nearby, where you can also cool down your tired feet after a long town walk. Coffee to go available (and very good).

Czech name: Cafe Park | GPS: N 49°58.08433′, E 12°42.20023′ | show on map

The Rope Centre

Great fun just 500 meters from the Main Colonnade. Small but remarkable rope playground between the trees is designated to children since 3 years. Adults and children older than 10 years may try also the second rope track, but if you have no experience, we recommend to hire an instructor there. Visit also the Geopark located nearby.

Czech name: Lanové centrum | GPS: N 49°58.94733′, E 12°42.02992′ | show on map

The Cableway and the Krakonoš hill

Enjoy the funny cableway ride and visit the popular Boheminium Miniatur-park or see the fairytale statues collection. Take a nice walk or rent a bike and try an adventurous downhill ride. Check out all the attractions located in Krakonoš and surroundings. See more information.

The town centre with children

Watch romantic performance of the Singing Fountain, have a crunchy Spa Waffel or try to find hidden Astronauts. There’s a lot of fun around the Colonnade. See more information.


Want more tips? Check out all the category “Marienbad with children“.

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Sports Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:54:28 +0000 Marienbad Sports

Love biking, hiking or horse riding? Working on your body and can’t even imagine a day without some time for fitness or workout? Or want to try something that you’ve never had? Here you have some inspiration from Marienbad and its surroundings.  

Adrenalin adventures

Try crazy downhill ride or enjoy the fun in rope centre. See more information.


Available during the summer season in Ski Area (bus stop Koliba).


Easy rides or challenging trails. Read some our tips and recommendations.


Open air chess table is situated in the park called „Sady Václava Skalníka“ between the Main Street and the Collonade. Chess figures are available on loan at the Tourist Information Centre in Chopin House.


The artificial climbing wall can be found in Boulder Club in Úšovice. Unfortunately it’s working during some evenings only, so better check the opening hours.


Zumba, Tai-chi, street dance or fitness lessons using trampolines and suspention systems. All offered by Dance Studio Wanted.


Check out all the scuba diving sites located around Marienbad.


Just few minutes from the town centre you can find the Sandow Sport Studio, a place with wide offer of fitness activities, perfect service and famous history. Another popular spots are the Dance Studio Wanted and the S-Club, which is situated in Úšovice.


The famous Royal Golf Club, established by British King Edward VII. and situated just few minutes from Marienbad, is not the only choice. There are amazing golf playcourts also nearby the Kynžvart castle or the Teplá Monastery.

Hiking and walking

Follow the footsteps of famous guests or visit some of beautiful spots located around the town. See more information.

Horse Riding

The Horseriding Society is located on the top of Krakonoš hill and offers training lectures for beginners as well as rides for advanced. Reservation needed, see more information.

Nordic Walking

Group trips and training lessons are organized by CUP VITAL Travel Agency.


The Best place where to play is the park around the Ferdinand Collonade. Check out local tournaments.

Outdoor workouts

There are two free outdoor workouts, unfortunately both little farther from the town centre. One can be found nearby the Basic School in the part of Marienbad called Úšovice, another is available in the sporting area situated by the long speedway. If you have more time and don’t mind to make a little trip, check out facebook page of Raptor team – the workout group from Lázně Kynžvart.

Running and Jogging

There’s many trails to choose and you can even jog just along the town centre – going there and back makes about 6 kilometers for basic everyday training and the route is simply beautiful.


Squash hall can be found in S-Club fitness studio, situated nearby the Antonín’s spring in Úšovice.


Check out the Best swimming pools in the town.


There’s more options, but we recommend to visit the Skalník Tenis Club, located just few minutes from the Collonade.

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Rise above the fear Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:54:12 +0000 Bike Park

Downhill scooters

Enjoy real fun during the crazy downhill ride. You can take it with your own equipment – it’s free – or you can borrow the all-terrain scooter and helm right here. In the second case is the price including both the cableway, which brings you to the starting point of the trails. You can choose from three routes with different difficulty levels – from begginers to real daredevils.

Czech name: Skiareál Mariánky | 1 km from the town center | GPS: N 49°58.39418′, E 12°42.77338′ | show on map | more information

Bike Park

The Rope Centre 

This forest rope centre, situated just 500 meters from the main colonnade, is offering adventure and fun for single travellers, groups of friends and even families with children – for them is in the area designated the special rope children playground. If you don’t have enough of experiences, you can also ask for the instructor. Ticket office can be found at a tennis club on the opposite side of the road.

Czech name: Lanové centrum | 1,8 km from the town center | GPS: N 49°58.94733′, E 12°42.02992′ | show on map | more information

The Rope Center

Bioferrata Bečov nad Teplou

If you love adventures in the nature and want to enjoy nice views, visit a botanical garden in Bečov. Here you can find the first czech bio-ferrata, showing the best and the most interesting of the rock vegetation in Czech republic. There are three routes with different levels of difficulty. The easiest is great for families with children and you don’t have to be affraid of climbing, because the way is rising just a little and gently. The most difficult way is designated for experienced climbers. There’s possible to rent all the equipment in the area.

Czech name: Bečovská botanická zahrada | 18,9 km from the town center | GPS: N 50°4.88405′, E 12°49.58553′ | show on map | more information (cz only) | web (cz only)


Ultimate paintball Slatina  

More than 25 OOO m² of former military complex is opened for you as an atmospherical paintball field with many of natural and artificial barriers. It’s situated 11,7 km from Marienbad in an intact natural environment of the border zone, inaccessible during the communism for more than 40 years. At the ticket office you can also rent all the equipment you’ll need. Don’t forget to make a reservation – the minimum is 12 players, so if you’re less, organizers will assign you to the larger group.
Czech name: Ultimate Paintball Slatina | 11,7 km from the town center | GPS: N 49°56.12687′, E 12°33.40650′ | show on map | web (cz only)


Paragliding Třebouň

Love flying? The nearest paraglide starting point can be found in Třebouň, around 25 km from Marienbad. It’s situated on the top of the hill with high 820 MASL. Unfortunately there’s no club or association, so you need to use your on equipment and fly on your own risk.

Czech name: Paragliding Třebouň | 24,6 km from the town center | GPS: N 50°0.83770′, E 13°0.14163′ | show on map | more information


Flying balloons Karlsbad

The Best perspective to see all the beauty of the west-bohemian region. Flights are usually starting from Karlsbad, but if you are a  group from 4-6 people, you can also manage your own trip starting at any place you want – the only important thing is to find the right wind conditions to fly. Trip ussualy takes around one hour,  but don’t forget that you need some time to prepare – so in fact it will be rather 4 hours minimum. After departure you’ll be symbolically accepted to the czech balloon-flyers guild and will also receive a certificate.

Czech name: Vyhlídkový let balónem | 62 km from the town center | GPS: N 50°14.41943′, E 12°50.60222′ | show on map | more information

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The Singing Fountain Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:53:50 +0000 The Singing Fountain

The most popular attraction in Marienbad is waiting for your visit nearby the Main Colonnade. Atmospheric water performation with romantic musical accompaniment is playing every odd hour since 10:00 AM. But if you want to enjoy the most beautiful experience, go there after sunset when is the fountain lighted with impressive colorful lights.

Find more information and detailed programme at an official tourist website of Marienbad.

The Singing Fountain

Photos by: Josef Pavlovic

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Viewpoints Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:53:24 +0000 The Clements place

The favourite place of abbot Alfred Clements, who initiated the build of the Main Colonnade or „The Casino“ community house. Enjoy the view of the town or – like abbot Clements used to do – take a rest on a stone bench, which is decorating the view-point for more than a hundred years.

Czech name: Klemensovo odpočívadlo | GPS: N 49°58.66320′, E 12°42.78180′ | show on map 

The Mescery’s view-point

Beautiful white wooden bower offers a sight of Marienbad from one of the highest view-points around the town (around 700 MASL). But don’t be afraid – the journey from the town centre takes just few minutes and absolutely worth it.

Czech name: Mesceryho vyhlídka | GPS: N 49°58.69867′, E 12°42.64092′ | show on map 

The Karola’s view-point

Another romantic bower, situated nearby the Forest Spring. It’s named after Saxon queen Karola, famous because of her kindness and generosity. She founded many hospitals and was known as „the second Saint Elisabeth“.

Czech name: Vyhlídka královny Karoly | GPS: N 49°58.71080′, E 12°41.92320′ | show on map 

The Karl’s Cross

This view-point has been an inspiration for most of the historical painting and art works showing the beauty of Marienbad in the past times. The wooden Cross was ordered by abbot Reinterberger, the founder of the town, and should symbolize „an eternal light“ for all the visitors of Marienbad.

Czech name: Karlův kříž | GPS: N 49°58.42122′, E 12°42.37607′ | show on map 

The Hamelika Tower

Exactly 100 stairs is leading on the peak of this romantic rounded tower, which looks like ruins of the medieval castle. But it’s not – it was just an intention of the architect. The tower was build at 1876 and quickly become one of the inherent symbols of Marienbad.

Czech name: Rozhledna Hamelika (Panorama) | GPS: N 49°58.32628′, E 12°42.57335′ | show on map 



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Springs Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:52:54 +0000 Marienbad Springs

Mineral water springs are the most exceptional treasure of Marienbad and surroundings. You can find more than 40 springs inside the territory of the spa town, 100 others in the vicinity and at whole the territory of the Slavkov Forest there’s even over 350 different springs in a total. With a diverse of its chemical composition they can help to treat a wide range of diseases and the simple drinking cure is also a great tip for those who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and want to keep themselve in a good condition.

Tasting of springs

Tasting of fresh springs is not only benefitial for your body, it’s also a way how to spend a funny day with your family or friends. Pavilions and colonnades are spreaded throughout the whole town and discovering them is a kind of adventure. Opulent buildings that looks like in an Ancient Roma, romatic wooden bowers, modest seepages inside the tree trunks or wild and bizzare colored brooks in woods. How many of them you’ll find? And which one will be your favorite?

Marienbad Springs

The drinking cure

If you want to feel the positive effect of mineral water on your own skin, there are some simple rules that you need to keep in mind. At first, don’t drink too much of water from one spring – the ideal amount of one kind of water is around 2 dcl (buy a tasting tumbler – it has an appropriate size) and you can repeat the cure three times per one day only. There are some springs drinkable also in larger quantity – for example the water from Rudolf, Ambrož or Antonín is drinking as a common water. But even in this case the amount of drinked water should not be larger than one liter per a day.

Marienbad Springs

Indications and diagnosis

A range of diseases, in which mineral waters of Marienbad have a positive or healing effect, is really wide and it’s probably the most universal spa resort in Czech Republic. There are very salty springs as well as iron-rich mineral waters, the treatment is also using the natural carbon dioxide. The water springs in Marienbad can help to solve problems of the locomotor system, kidney, urinary tract, metabolism, respiratory tract, but also of the sexual life.

See the detailed list of springs at an official tourist website of Marienbad.

Marienbad Springs

All photos by: Josef Pavlovic

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Leave nothing but footprints Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:52:31 +0000 Abandoned places in Marienbad

If you are among those who rather than touristic spots prefer a mysterious beauty of abandoned and forgotten places, we have some tips for you also from Marienbad and its vicinity. Admission is on your own risk, but courage will return to the visitors in the form of impressive shots and unrepeatable experiences.

The „Forest Mill“ Hotel

It was rich and pompous gem of the town – the hotel with first class service and spacious gardens, located a few steps from the Forest Spring. Today it’s just a sad ruin, overgrown with dense vegetation of wild bushes. The hotel is locked and is no longer possible to enter the interiors of the building, which is literally falling apart – but exteriors still invites to romantic notions.

Czech name: Hotel Lesní Mlýn | GPS: N 49°58.87568′, E 12°41.94867′ | show on map 

The „Lil“ Villa

Princely villa in the heart of the town was in the past one of the most luxurious hotels in general. Within the famous guests can be found the name of Emperor Franz Joseph I, but also later Czech presidents Masaryk and Beneš. The name means “Look in land”, and the high turret offered a truly breathtaking sight previously. According to legends the villa is cursed and considering its fate in recent years it seems to be truth. Although the reconstruction should been finished years ago, it has never been completed and still is not possible to enter the building these days.

Czech name: Villa Lil | GPS: N 49°58.20047′, E 12°42.24220′ | show on map | more information

The „Nimrod“ Hotel

The famous House of Horror is a frequent tourist destination for lovers of mystery, paranormal and Urbex. The building is unsecured, so it is possible to enter (on your own risk) into the crumbling interiors. Be extremely careful – thanks to the raids of vandals and swampy ground around the building deteriorates its technical condition significantly each year, and in some rooms there is a risk of ceilings and floors crash actually real.

Czech name: Pension Nimrod | GPS: N 50°0.58022′, E 12°42.86243′ | show on map | more information

Nimrod Hotel Marienbad

See also:

All photos by: Inside me

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Useful information Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:52:04 +0000
  • For information about currency, electricity, visas or important phone numbers check the general info.
  • Make your journey comfortable – find the Best way how to get here and learn all you need to know about transport in and around Marienbad.
  • Look where to find some important spots and check out the opening hours.
  • Read the basic info about the town.
  • Learn more about Marienbad, Czech Republic and traveling around – Visit some useful links.
  • If you want to enjoy your vacation from a bicycle seat, read some our tips how to keep yourself safe and comfortable.
  • If you are traveling on budget, check out where to eat as a local.
  • Visit all the category „Useful information“
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    Eat like locals Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:51:36 +0000 Restaurant Charlie

    The honest cuisine from quality ingredients, stylish interiors, where you can feel the romance of old times, friendly staff and great service. But the most you’ll love the prices. This family restaurant is favourite between locals and if you’re looking for silent, peacefull place where you’ll feel like at home, there it is.

    Anglická 137/11, 35301 Mariánské Lázně | opening 10:00-23:00 | Tripadvisor



    If you are a fan of alternative ways of eating, you will appriciate the small eatery called „Vegetka“, offering organic and vegetarian meals as well as daily lunches. Don’t forget to visit the local shop, where you can provide natural ingredients for home cooking or some tasty souvenirs for your friends.

    Hlavní třída 276/13, 35301 Mariánské Lázně | opening monday – friday 7:00-17:00 | website (cz only) | Tripadvisor


    Pizzeria Tabarin

    The popular local pizzeria is offering Czech and Italian cuisine. The prices are friendly and restaurant has also its own food delivery – so if you feel tired to go out, let them deliver your dinner directly to your hotel room.

    Tyršova 243/1, 35301 Mariánské Lázně | opening 11:00-24:00 | website (cz only) | Tripadvisor


    Česká hospůdka (Czech Pub)

    If you want to taste a real traditional Czech cuisine, „Czech pub“ is the Best place to choose. Quality and fresh ingredients, juicy meat, fresh fishes but both tasty vegetarian meals. And last but not least a great Czech beer. During the summer and especially during the really hot days you will appriciate a nice and shady terrace. Children are welcome here, babyseat available.

    Anglická 137/11, 35301 Mariánské Lázně | opening 10:00-23:00 | website | Tripadvisor

    Czech Pub

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    Need some caffeine? Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:51:14 +0000 Cafés in Marienbad

    Modrá cukrárna

    Absolute must-visit in Marienbad, a popular spot with a decades long tradition situated right in the town centre. Choose between two options – a cozy café bar (offering also warm dishes) or a famous classic sweetshop with a wide selection of czech and international desserts.

    Hlavní třída 45/24, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | opening 09:00-22:00 | website (cz only) | Tripadvisor

    Classic Café

    Stylish café and restaurant has a long tradition and became one of symbols of the town. Somebody say, that if you miss the visit of Classic Café, it’s the same like if you’ve never visited Marienbad at all. Enjoy noble interiors, great coffee and dishes or some of evenings with live jazz music.

    Hlavní třída 131/50, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | opening 09:00-21:00 | website (cz only) | Tripadvisor

    Park Café

    Pleasant café with a nice outdoor seeting is located in a heart of town parks. They served hot and cold drinks, some snacks and of course an ice-cream. Recommended for travellers with kids – there’s a little children playground with a small sandbox and a rope course.

    Úšovický potok, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | opening 10:00-17:00

    Lázeňská pražírna

    The Best coffee in the town. Enjoy the smell and flavour of fresh roasted high quality coffee beans. The „Spa Coffee Roaster“ is located nearby the Railway station – so it’s ideal place where to have a coffee after a long train journey. Unfortunately it’s little farther from the town centre, but don’t worry – take a bus and you’re here in minute!

    Hlavní třída 282/144, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | opening monday – friday 09:00-17:00; closed on saturday & sunday | website (cz only) | Tripadvisor

    Cinema pub

    Cheap but nice café-bar is situated in Úšovice, few minutes of walk from the Main Street and it‘s popular especially between locals. You’ll feel there like in some student‘s club. Simple interiors with a relaxing atmosphere are an ideal place, where to have some coffee or beer and chat with friends.

    U Zastávky 334/4, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | opening XX:00-XX:00 | website | Tripadvisor

    The Irish Pub

    Enjoy a quality coffee in a comfort and atmosphere of the typical Irish Pub. Take a rest on one of cushy couches or sit outside and relax in one of the most beautiful hidden corners of Marienbad. Friendly staff and prices.

    Poštovní 96, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | opening 17:00-24:00 | website | Tripadvisor

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    Where to party Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:51:00 +0000 Music Clubs

    First of all check out the Na Dvorku Music Club. Not big but very friendly place is a kind of legend between Czech music clubs. There are also two clubs offering weekend dance parties – Dyleň Music Club and Roxy. Last place is the right choice for all rockers and lovers of alternative genres – the Rock Club Morisson is located little farther from the town center but definitely worth for visit!

    Where to taste the Best of Czech Beer

    If you’re interested in Czech beer drinking tradition, the Best place to choose is Kozlovna u Stříbrného pudla. The perfect service, delicious Czech „Kozel“ beer from a tank and modern but both typical interiors – moreover, they also cook very well! Another perfect place to taste Czech beer but both Czech cuisine is the „Česká hospůdka“, located just few minutes from the Collonade. And if you want to get to the bottom, take some time and make a trip to beautiful Chodovar Brewery.

    Another pubs in the town

    If you’re looking for a place, where to have some drink and talk with friends, visit the Irish Pub. After more than 20 years it became a part of local culture – taste some of great Czech and Irish beers, rest on comfy couches or sit on a little garden and enjoy one of the most beautiful hidden corners of Marienbad. Another nice and friendly pubs are the Jameson Club with possibility of outdoor seating, and the Cinema Pub, which is located in Úšovice (about 20 minutes of walking from the town center) but is cheap and popular especially within the locals.

    Events and concerts

    During the summer season you can visit many events throughout whole the town. Many of them is organized by „Švihák“ society – they for example established tradition of Pecha Kucha Nights or Film Festival in Marienbad. Look, what events we can currently recommend or check out the complete event callender at official tourist website of Marienbad.

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    Music Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:50:39 +0000

    Marienbad is a small town, but during the year there’s averagely organized more than 2 000 cultural events. What to check out after you‘ll arrive?

    The Symphonical Orchestra

    Don’t miss the unique atmosphere of the live performance of the oldest Czech orchestra. The great historical concert hall in the Casino Community House is one of the „must-visit“ places in Marienbad for everybody, who appreciates precisely interpreted classical music. See more information.

    The Chopin Festival

    The famous classical music festival is keeping the Chopin’s heritage and also his love to Marienbad alive – and after 57 years we can say that more than succesfully. Enjoy famous Chopin’s pieces performed by real masters. Visit the website.

    The Jazz festival

    Real musical legends, groovy jazz melodies and the unique accoustics of the Main Colonnade. Fabulous combination, isn’t it? Visit the website (cz only).

    Open air festivals and concerts

    During the summer season you can visit a lot of events, small concerts or performances of all musical genres right on the Colonnade or in parks in the town centre. Check out the actual programme.

    Music Clubs

    The music club „Na Rampě“ is kind of a legend between Czech music fans. And if there’s actually nothing for you, don’t worry – it’s not the only club in the town! Check out where to party.

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    The Boheminium Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:50:29 +0000 Marienbad Boheminium

    One of the most popular touristic attractions in Marienbad is the still growing Boheminium Miniatur-park. You can find there exact models of the most important and famous historic buildings of whole Czech Republic, all made at the same scale 1:25 and situated between the trees in a nice natural environment of thoroughly maintained green park.

    Marienbad Boheminium

    The size of miniaturs is offering unusual and interesting perspectives – you can watch the sights from similar angle as from the window of sightseeing plane. Don’t miss an unique opportunity to admire a beauty of famous Karlštejn castle, historical minaret in Lednice, baroque village of Holašovice and many more – all in one day only. There‘s also a lot of models of interesting places located in West Bohemia, so you can get an inspiration for some other trips.

    Marienbad Boheminium

    See more information at official website.

    All photos by: Josef Pavlovic

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    Town Parks Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:50:08 +0000 Town Parks Marienbad

    Charming parks, which have not only botanical but also artistic value, are a masterpiece of Václav Skalník, a genius of lansdcape architecture. More than 200 years ago he dried dangerous swamps and made extensive terrain modifications on a huge area of the wild valley of Marienbad, which was previously very difficult to access. He created a unique and timeless concept of three main parks surrounding the Úšovický brook, and formed a base of a current face of Marienbad with its green wherever you go.

    The line of main three town parks permeates the town almost in its full length and walking there and back makes about 6 kilometers of a beautiful wander. It’s also a kind of sightseeing trip – a lot of tourist attractions, springs and another interesting places is situated right along the route. Look what treasures are hidden between the trees.

    The Skalníkovy sady

    Beautiful area full of interesting spots is situated nearby the Collonade and it‘s a most lively part of town parks. Visit the romantic Swan lake and spend some moments with feeding ducks there, watch the modern collection of statues or some old masterpieces as a famous statue of a seated balerina. Play open-air chess on a romantic bridge or take a selfie with two European rulers – English King Edward VII and Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph. There’s a lot more – memorials of Frederik Chopin, general Patton or Václav Skalník, the modern area of Arnika with a nice promenade along the water, tasty water springs, nice ponds and bridges and last but not least a lot of amazing places where to sit and relax. Show on map.

    The Park of Vaclav Skalnik in Marienbad

    The „Middle“ Park

    Tiny park leading throught the middle part of the Main Street is an ideal spot where to sit and watch the rush of the tourist centre of Marienbad. Surrounded by many beautiful and important buildings it’s a popular meeting point, but could be also a food for thought. There’s a memorial of pre-war Jewish inhabitants of Marienbad, who had to escape or were killed in death camps. On the opposite side of the road you can see an empty place – that’s where the Synagogue was situated, before the German Fascist burned and destroyed it absolutely. Don’t forget to put a little stone on the top of the memorial as a tribute to all victims. Show on map.

    The Middle Park Marienbad

    The Park nearby the Ferdinand Collonade

    The last park in the row and the biggest one at all – take a blanket and make a picnic or play some outdoor games in a beautiful environment with romantic pavilions, water springs, nice seatings and other places of interest. Start with tasting of salty Alexandra water spring, have a great coffee in Café Park, cool down your feet in a nice Úšovický brook and smell the sweet scent of Spa Waffels made nearby. Cross the street and visit the beautiful Ferdinand Collonade with glass-made seepages, beautiful flower beds and art sculptures. Finish your walk in a romantic wooden pavilion of Rudolf SpringShow on map.

    The Park of Ferdinand's Colonnade Marienbad

    Another parks of Marienbad

    Geopark – the Geopark is unique in whole Europe especially with its pretty big size of stones but as well with an amazing atmosphere. It includes some hidden spots as a beautiful small natural reservation or a mysterious symbolic cemetery of First war victims.

    Park around the Forest water spring – truly romantic place with many of statues, beautiful pavilions and a special hidden area with a lot of old pathways that became wild again.

    Prelát park – forest park adapted as funny and interesting natural children playground. Must visit with children!

    Forest Park Marienbad

    See also:

    All photos by: Josef Pavlovic

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    Spa&Relax Fri, 14 Apr 2017 04:49:38 +0000 Marienbad New Spa

    Marienbad is unique with its wide range of healing water springs, but also keeps the Best of old relaxing procedures which you can try here only. Enjoy all the special treating cures, comfortable baths and super-relaxing achievements as well as the charming atmosphere of old Roman baths and luxury spa resorts.

    Unique Complex of Main Spas – Danubius Health Spa Resorts  

    If you want to fully enjoy the comfort and care of the heavenly spas, check out the recent offers of Danubius Health Spa, the company managing the most of famous and historical spa departments and resorts in the town. There’s also a unigue opportunity to use the services of the most popular and important buildings connected into one complex with a special indoor corridor, that will keep your comfort while trying all the Best and most original procedures available in Marienbad.

    Visit the famous Roman Baths from 1896, experience the exotic atmosphere of original King Edward’s personal bath cabin or try some of unique procedures as are special mud baths, absolutely rare natural dry carbon gas baths or original historical mineral baths – many of these experiences is available in Danubius Resorts only.

    Reitenbergerova 53/2, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | website | Tripadvisor

    Falkensteiner Hotel Grand MedSpa

    2,500 sq meters of Medical SPA wellness & water world is situated in the beautiful Art-Noveau styled building. Enjoy all the spa and beauty treatments, relax in outdoor heated pool or restore your energy with some of cure using their own Alexandra’s mineral water spring.

    Hotel is offering exclusive pool area with heated indoor and outdoor pool, active and saltwater pools and separate therapy pools, but it’s also a paradise for Sauna lovers – strengthen your immune system with a Finnish sauna, bio sauna, steam bath or infrared cabin. Try some of offered Medical SPA health treatments as are physiotherapy, dry gas therapy, electrotherapy, oxygen therapy, colon hydrotherapy, etc.

    Ruská 123/11, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | website | Tripadvisor

    Chateau Monty Spa Resort

    Enjoy one of the Best views of Marienbad while experiencing luxury atmosphere and perfect services of stylish Chateau Monty Spa Resort. A truly romantic place with century old tradition is a great choice for everybody who wants to enjoy some special beauty care – try a special Goddess Aphrodite’s Ritual using sea salt and lavender, massages with hot chocolate or a special cannabis therapy using natural cosmetics from local hemp farm. The hotel is popular as a wedding place, but has also some special offers with fun for families. Wellness department includes the saltwater swimming pool, Roman style baths, Whirlpool, Sauna and Fitness.

    Příkrá 218/4, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | website | Tripadvisor

    Rübezahl Castle Hotel 

    Luxurious wellness hotel with long and famous tradition is situated in old romantic castle on the top of Krakonoš hill and offers comfortable and cozy rooms, great restaurant and the special wine cellar with unique collection of the Finest Bohemian and Moravian wines. Perfect for families with children, but also for lovers of mysterious and romantic places. Whole the hill is guarded by mythical Rübezahl („Krakonoš“ in Czech language), the good spirit of the woods and forests around. You can find his historical statue here as well – and if you’ll touch him, your wishes will become a true. But there’s much more interesting spots nearby – the Boheminium Miniatur Park, a Fairytale Statues Collection, the Deer park or the Ski area with wide range of winter but both summer activities. The hotel’s spa includes special Roman Irish Bath.

    Mariánské Lázně 591, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | website | Tripadvisor

    Golf Hotel Morris

    One of the Best rated resorts situated just few minutes from Marienbad has everything you need – great services, stylish restaurant, comfortable rooms, many of additional leisure activities and a basic offer of wellness and spa procedures. Enjoy a peaceful and romantic atmosphere of beautiful surroundings of Royal Golf Playcourt and try some of relaxing treatments from hotel’s spa and wellness offers.

    Zádub-Závišín 724, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | website | Tripadvisor


    Luxurious five-stars resort provides the highest level of comfort and it’s a great choice not only for golf players. Enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere of noble interiors and get inspired with wonderful view of the town. Guests can choose from various spa, wellness and beauty treatments and procedures intended for relaxation, weight loss, health problems or other purposes. Enjoy atmospheric design of pools and baths, try some of special services or let yourself be pampered with original Thai massages.

    Karlovarska 438, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | website | Tripadvisor


    Photos by: Josef Pavlovic

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