Marienbad woods

The fallen King of spruces

This giant and very old tree was one of symbols of the town and its history, but was unfortunately damaged during violent storm last year. According to the legend, the tree was planted probably the same year when the town was upgraded to an official Spa resort. The huge fallen tribe was left on its original place, so you can still come and admire its beauty. The path to the King of Spruces is leading through a silent forest and it’s a right choice especially if you’re looking for some silent place to relax.

Czech name: Král smrků | 3 km from the town center | GPS: N 49°59.16245′, E 12°40.77567′ | show on map | more information

The stone of king Friedrich

Nice cluster of rounded granite boulders is located in the part of Marienbad called „The Little Switzerland“. It was also a popular viewpoint in the past, these days unfortunately overgrown by high trees around. But it’s still romantic and enjoyable not only for children or as a nice place for picnic. The place is dedicated to one of the famous visitors – the bavarian King Friedrich August II.

Czech name: Fridrichův kámen | 1,1 km from the town center | GPS: N 49°58.59312′, E 12°42.91970′ | show on map

Kladská peat-bogs

Enjoy the fresh air and the relaxing walk through the amazing countryside. Discover atmospheric peat bogs, deep forests and all the secrets of an old hunting area. There’s also a great restaurant available. Recommended with children, accessible for wheelchairs and trolleys.

Czech name: Kladská | 8,6 km from the town center | GPS: N 50°1.53308′, E 12°40.07518′ | show on map | more information



The name of this place means „stinky“ in english and there’s a reason why is it called like that. The special swamp (exactly „moffetes“) is interesting not only because of the natural gases, springing around from the ground. This little remnant of the historical volcanic activity could be a funny tip for the families with children, but both for the lovers of mysterious places. There’s a lot of stories about ghosts and paranormal activities around – and as well, it’s just few steps from the famous abandoned hotel Nimrod, known as the real house of horror.

Czech name: Smraďoch | 6,3 km from the town center | GPS: N 50°0.77908′, E 12°43.01360′ | show on map

Podhorní hill

The mysterious hill with two peaks and a popular viewpoint on the top is an extinct volcano. In earlier times locals believed, that there’s a home of the Spirit of the Hill – the ruler of the nature and weather. Climb the stone stars and enjoy one of the Best views in whole region, or find the hidden natural gem – the old peat bog with a smelling seepage of volcanic gasses.

Czech name: Podhorní vrch | 6,9 km from the town center | GPS: N 49°58.41300′, E 12°46.18080′ | show on map

Border area and the Dyleň hill

Explore wild forests, unacessible during the communism for more than 40 years. There are not many places in the Europe with the nature intact and pure like here. Don’t miss the highest point of the region – the top of the Dyleň hill, or the historical milestone of the centre of the Europe marked supposedly by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Czech name: Dyleň | 34,3 km from Marienbad | GPS: N 49°58.07758′, E 12°30.16933′ | show on map

Border area

Three Crosses

This place is unique with its atmosphere but as well because of the incredible nature around. But please, if you plan a visit, stay thoughtful and strictly follow the pathways. This small natural reservation is a home of extremely rare flowers and plant species, which are endemic and could be found only in this area today. This is also one of the best locations of the entire region to watch the sunset.

Czech name: Křížky | 13,5 km from Marienbad | GPS: N 50°3.96490′, E 12°44.87563′ | show on map

The Kajetán pond

The mysterious Kajetan pond is a stealthy place situated in the middle of the woods. It’s named after its founder Kajetán, the earl von Berchem-Haimhausen and the royal chamberlain.  During the communism it was a part of a refugee trail, but unfortunately monitored by a communist secret police called „StB“ – so many people lost all their hopes and dreams right here on this place, while being arrested. Today is this place freely accessible again and it’s offering pure natural beauties – the dark and cold pond is surrounded by green swamp and the deep and wild forest. The pond surface is covered by beautiful white flowers called „ďáblík“, but be careful – it means „a little devil“ in english and it‘ s because the flower is highly poisonous.

Czech name: Kajetán | 13,5 km from Marienbad | GPS: N 49°55.29028′, E 12°34.94927′ | show on map

Branka – little waterfalls

This forest is sincerely wild and it’s hiding really fairytale sceneries. Follow the river which is overcoming thousands of rounded rubblestones and making the little waterfalls between them. The nature here is highly protected (especially the water). Discover the ruins of an old medieval mill or take a rest in an absolutely silent and uncivilized environment of the border woods.

Czech name: Branka | 34,8 km from Marienbad | GPS: N 49°49.31612′, E 12°32.15738′ | show on map



Unique protected natural area, sometimes called as a „Czech yellowstone“, is something unmatched in all the central Europe. Mud volcanos, bubbling springs and variegated mineral waters create bizarre sceneries looking as somewhere in the Iceland. Highly recommended for photographers, families with children or everybody who loves the nature. Accessible for wheelchair and trolleys.

Czech name: Národní přírodní rezervace SOOS | 42,5 km from Merienbad | GPS: N 50°8.99702′, E 12°24.18542′ | show on map

Bečov nad Teplou – Botanical garden

This botanical garden is really special, and not only because of its famous history. Don’t expect so much formal attractions (the garden is still under the reconstruction), but the most friendly atmosphere you could ever imagine. „Touch the nature“, that could be a motto of this incredible place. And as well, this is probably the only botanical garden opened 24 hours a day!

Czech name: Bečovská botanická zahrada | 18,9 km from Marienbad | GPS: N 50°4.88868′, E 12°49.57215′ | show on map | website (cz only)

Svatošské rocks

The canyon of the Ohře river, engraved into the giant granite rocks, is something for words are not enough. The shapes of the rocks resemble the wedding procession and maybe you don’t know, that one of the most popular fairytales written by Hans Christian Andersen is inspired by a story originally narrating right about this beautiful scenery. Perfect place for biking, walking, canoeing or mountaineering, recommended also for families with children or as a very romantic place for couples in love.

Czech name: Svatošské skály | 42,1 km from Marienbad | GPS: N 50°11.60145′, E 12°48.86448′ | show on map | more information


All photos by: Josef Pavlovic