Ferdinand Collonade

I. You don’t have to go out of the town to see the nature.

In Marienbad is nature everywhere around you.


II. You don’t need to carry heavy bottles with drinks.

Here you can find fresh tasty water almost at every step.

Marienbad Arnika

III. The Art Noveau styled Colonnade is decorated with astronauts.

Seriously. This is something you can see in Marienbad only.

New Spa Roman Bath

IV. Marienbad was visited by Thomas Alva Edison, general Patton, Sigmund Freud, Goethe or Edward the VII, famous british king.

Are you sure you want to be the only one who miss it?

Kladská Natural Reservation

 V. The town hall is ruled by Pirates.

Just say it. You must feel the adventure in the air.


 VI. You’ll enjoy the fun while traveling with childrens.

And not only during the summer season.

Karolina's Collonade

 VII. You’ll enjoy the fun while traveling without childrens.

And not only during the summer season.

Ferdinand's Collonade

VIII. You can find the Best of Europe on one place – in Marienbad.

Great spa like in old Roma, nature like in Switzerland, culture like in Wienna. English styled parks, Royal golf playcourt, casino which could be placed in Monaco. And last but not least – great gastronomy offering many of famous european cuisines. Alright, we are maybe a little overpraising, but anyway – only in Marienbad you can combine all these attractions to the best vacation you’ve ever had.

New Spa

 IX. You can find the Best of Czech republic on one place – in Marienbad.

Just visit Miniaturpark Boheminium and you’ve already seen all the Czech most important and famous buildings.

New Spa

 X. Marienbad is one of 30 the most beautiful European towns.

And on this ranking list – made by more than 300 Japanese travel agencies and publicated in famous The Daily Telegraph – is this nice little spa town as an only Czech representative. It simply means that Marienbad is the most beautiful place in Czech Republic

Marienbad at night

All photos by: Josef Pavlovic