Abandoned places in Marienbad

If you are among those who rather than touristic spots prefer a mysterious beauty of abandoned and forgotten places, we have some tips for you also from Marienbad and its vicinity. Admission is on your own risk, but courage will return to the visitors in the form of impressive shots and unrepeatable experiences.

The „Forest Mill“ Hotel

It was rich and pompous gem of the town – the hotel with first class service and spacious gardens, located a few steps from the Forest Spring. Today it’s just a sad ruin, overgrown with dense vegetation of wild bushes. The hotel is locked and is no longer possible to enter the interiors of the building, which is literally falling apart – but exteriors still invites to romantic notions.

Czech name: Hotel Lesní Mlýn | GPS: N 49°58.87568′, E 12°41.94867′ | show on map 

The „Lil“ Villa

Princely villa in the heart of the town was in the past one of the most luxurious hotels in general. Within the famous guests can be found the name of Emperor Franz Joseph I, but also later Czech presidents Masaryk and Beneš. The name means “Look in land”, and the high turret offered a truly breathtaking sight previously. According to legends the villa is cursed and considering its fate in recent years it seems to be truth. Although the reconstruction should been finished years ago, it has never been completed and still is not possible to enter the building these days.

Czech name: Villa Lil | GPS: N 49°58.20047′, E 12°42.24220′ | show on map | more information

The „Nimrod“ Hotel

The famous House of Horror is a frequent tourist destination for lovers of mystery, paranormal and Urbex. The building is unsecured, so it is possible to enter (on your own risk) into the crumbling interiors. Be extremely careful – thanks to the raids of vandals and swampy ground around the building deteriorates its technical condition significantly each year, and in some rooms there is a risk of ceilings and floors crash actually real.

Czech name: Pension Nimrod | GPS: N 50°0.58022′, E 12°42.86243′ | show on map | more information

Nimrod Hotel Marienbad

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