Slavkovský les is Protected Landscape Area and camping or making a fire is possible only in camps. In Marienbad and its surrounding you can find many places with a basic facilities, where you can stay in the middle of indisturbed nature.

Camps we can recommend:

Sleeping open air

If you would like to sleep in the wild and you don’t need fire or tent, you can sleep in the open air. But we have to call attention to this risk matter – sleeping in the open air isn’t outside the law, but it isn’t permitted too. Nevertheless, if you choose this way, you have to strictly observe the rules of environmental protection or you can be fined for it. Don’t make a noise, don’t pollute environment and keep the place for sleeping in its orginal state.

What is forbidden in Protected Landscape Area?

  • Camping – set up a tent or another solid construction
  • Make a fire
  • Leave a rubbish
  • Pick plants and damage natural wealth
  • Use motor vehicles (cars, four-wheelers and the like) beyond reserved roads

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