Hiking Marienbad

Easy sightseeing town walks or challenging trails, leading into absolutely lone places. Now it’s just up to you – want to make some funny trip with friends or you’ll rather choose a quick getaway into velvet silence of nature? 

There’s hundreds of choices – some tracks pass through historical parts of the town with its parks and mineral water springs, another leads outside the town area to some interesting spots as are castles, natural beauties and enchanting viewpoints. Some of trails are even thematic – you can follow the footsteps of famous guests of Marienbad or get some new information about the nature and history. And if you’re really adventureous, go explore the abandoned border region with kilometers of forgotten roads and pathways.

Check out some of trails at official Tourist website of Marienbad or get inspired with our recommendation for one-day trips around the town.

What to keep in mind

Hiking in Marienbad has a huge tradition and the system of tourist signs makes orientation very easy. But it’s always better to keep a map – you can purchase some in Tourist information centre or you can use an online navigation, but remember, that in some remote locations there are still places without mobile signal. We recommend to use Czech map application called Mapy, which offers detailed offline version for those cases.

Pack enough of food and drinks – outside the town there are some touristic places where restaurant or shop is available, but in the most of common villages there’s usually still no option to purchase those type of stuff. Pathways in Czech Republic are well-maintained in general, but for longer distances is allways better to choose some guality waterproof shoes, that will keep you feeling comfortable also in the case of a bit rainy weather.

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