Biking in Marienbad

Long or short, easy or really challenging, passing throught the busy tourist destinations or throught the absolutely silent and wild nature, full of sightseeing or even thematic. And in all these cases well-marked and easy to orientate. Yes, we are talking about biking and walking trails around Marienbad. Enjoy the comfortable infrastructure, fresh air and pleasant Central-European weather, as well as the amazing nature and romantic historical towns and villages along the routes.

West of Bohemia is criss-crossed by biking trails and there’s something for everybody. Here you have some our recommendation:

Easy riders

Visit the charming Kynžvart castle and parks around. Relax in the romantic forest chapel or take a guided tour and visit the famous „Cabinet of couriosities“ (and much more). There’s also great restaurant available. The trail is 20 km long and the biggest part is leading through a forest, so it’s enjoyable during hot summer days too.

Families with children

Use a cableway to go to the top of the Krakonoš hill. There you can find the Boheminium miniaturpark, nice fairytale statues collection or a mysterious and romantical castle, adapted to a luxury hotel. After you‘ll enjoy enough of interesting attractions here, follow the road around the deer-park and after 4 kilometers of slow descent (see the map here) you’ll enter the natural children playground in Prelát park.

Biking hardcore

The requested ability of this ride is high, but it’s something absolutely unigue and if you want to enjoy the real adventure, this is the Best choice. The trail is a part of the longest European bicykling route established under the EuroVelo project and called „The Iron Curtain Trail“. It will take you to forgotten places in the border region, where was impossible to go for almost a half of century and whole this time it was used by soldiers only. Discover abandoned military objects or absolutely intouched nature. Get ready for the difficult terrain and long distances with almost no civilization.

Before you choose, read what you should know about bicycling in Czech Republic.