The Singing Fountain

  • Visit the Collonade.
  • Have a crunchy heated Spa Wafer.
  • Enter the Cross Spring Pavilion.
  • Purchase the Spa Cup.
  • Try Rudolf and Carolina Springs.
  • Step into a fountain behind the Cruise Pavilion and touch the springing water.
  • Find all the hidden astronauts.
  • Walk through 180 meters long Main Collonade.
  • Watch the Singing Fountain.
  • Come back to watch the Singing Fountain after sunset, when it’s lighted.

The Singing Fountain

  • Read the information about the town on historical telecommunication booths addapted to information boards.
  • Visit the Carolina Collonade.
  • Find a decorated seepage of Forest spring with a stone relief of a big frog.
  • Find the „Springs of Love“.
  • Visit the Town Museum.
  • Visit the flat of Johann Wolfgang Goethe with an original equipment.
  • Listen the Poetry Jukebox.
  • Visit the Geopark.
  • Visit the Park around the Forest Spring.
  • Find a music pavilion with statues of Three Graces made by famous Czech Sculpturer Olbram Zoubek.

Three Graces by Olbram Zoubek

  • Visit the Rope Centre.
  • Visit the Friedrichstein.
  • Enjoy the view toward the town from the Clements place.
  • Visit the Town Theatre.
  • Have some typical Czech dessert in Modrá Cukrárna.
  • Feed the ducks living on Swan Lake.
  • Add your monogrammed padlock on a little „Bridge of love“.
  • Play open-air chess.
  • Visit the Chopin House and Museum.
  • Take a picture with two European Rulers.

The Antonín Spring

  • Taste the Antonín Spring.
  • Visit the Classic Café, which is just classics.
  • Taste the Alexandra Spring.
  • Have something freshy and sit outside at Café Park.
  • Visit the Spa Wafer factory.
  • Play pétanque in the Park around the Ferdinand Collonade.
  • Visit a beautiful romantic wooden pavilion of the Rudolf Spring.
  • Visit the Prelát Park, the biggest natural children playground of West Bohemia.
  • Walk along the Main Street.
  • Visit the Dolce Italia Café and try the Best Ice Cream in the town.

Yummy Marienbad

  • Visit tapas bar Medité, the Best restaurant in the town.
  • Make a stop before the Butterfly hotel, sit on the playing bench and enjoy some famous Chopin pieces just on the street.
  • Take a right with the oldest operated cabin Cableway in Czech Republic.
  • Visit the Boheminium Miniatur park.
  • See the nice fairytaile collection of statues.
  • Watch some wild game animals in the Deer park.
  • Borrow an all-terrain scooter and try the crazy downhill ride.
  • Find a sculpture of Krakonoš, the guard of Czech forests and woods.
  • Visit the Hamelika Tower.
  • Take a ride with a tourist mini train.

Marienbad Centre

Photos by: Josef Pavlovic