Marienbad is not only the glorious town centre. The mountains, forests and little valleys with thousands of brooks around the town are hiding many of secret places with truly enigmatic atmosphere. Get lost in mysterious area of Sudety, a place where strong stories happened throughout whole its history. 

Forgotten pathways

Since beginnings of Marienbad Spa Town hiking was important part of succesfull treatment and of course, this situation required creating of new pathways that connected the town with beautiful spots located nearby. Many of them are still proud part of touristic trails today, but there are also places, where nature took her property back and even if it’s just few minutes from the town centre, you’ll feel there as in the heart of wilderness. One beautiful and almost forgotten area is located between the Forest Spring and the Lunapark Café. Old pathways are overgrown with a dense of vegetation and little brooks are bridged with austere wooden walkways. And if you will be patient, you can find bizzare colored mineral water springs rising naturaly to the surface and creating nice sceneries with the green of trees and peat bogs around.

Cemeteries and places with memory

The death and the beauty, so uncongenial but also so fascinating. Imagine all the life stories from past times, discover sad but charming artworks or pay a memory to unknown heroes, who lost their lifes while fighting for freedom. There are three atmospherical places worth to visit – the Old Town cemetery with noble tombs of first rich inhabitants of Marienbad, the sadly beautiful Jewish cemetery with centuries old graves and the symbolic cemetery of First World War victims. Read more information.

Creepy places

Some places in Marienbad are covered with a mysterious hood of legends. The most famous is the Nimrod Hotel, abandoned house of horror situated few minutes from the town. But almost nobody knows that this building is just a part of much larger complex of really scary places – just few steps from here you can find old peat bog, where some ghosts were spotted, or road section with inexplicable number of strange car accidents, related supposedly with little conciliation cross located nearby. Another mysterious place can be found right in the town centre – the princely villa Lil is closed for visitors, but even the exteriors are such romantic, that you should not forget to make at least short walk around.


Photo by: Josef Pavlovic