The Town Museum

Learn all the important from the local history. The building, where the Museum is located, is the oldest building in the historical part of the town. Enjoy the trip to the Golden Era of Marienbad, meet all the famous guests and get inspired in the Goethe Gallery. See more information.

Goethovo nám. 11/11, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | opening tuesday – sunday 09:30-17:30; closed on monday | website | Tripadvisor

The Town Theatre

Beautiful Art-noveau building has unfortunately no stable ensemble, but you can visit some of great hosted performances and exhibitions or take a guided tour (ask at the Tourist Information Centre). The theatre was builded from 1865 to 1868 and equipped very modernly for its times. Worth for short visit as one of the romantic symbols of Marienbad.

Třebízského 213/33, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | website | Tripadvisor

The Chopin House

House, where Frederyk Chopin was accomodated during his visit of Marienbad, is adapted today as the Memorial and Museum of this famous composer and together with the famous music festival is helping to keep Chopin’s heritage alive. The Society of Fryderik Chopin, which is managing the most of activities, is one of the oldest of its kind in whole the world. Learn more about Chopin’s life and explore, what legacy he left behind in the town.

Hlavní třída 47, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | opening (15. April–15. October) tuesday, thursday and sunday 14:00-17:00 | more information | Tripadvisor

Casino Community House

The Casino Community House was built in the Italian Renaissance style and finished in 1901. Pretentious halls and lounges are used for concerts (especially concerts of West Bohemian Symphonical Orchestra), exhibitions or meetings. It’s the place, where the famous International Film Festival, moved later to Karlovy Vary, was established.

Reitenbergerova 95/4, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | Tripadvisor

The building of the New Spa

The opulent building of the New Spa offers the Best of wellness and spa care in Marienbad. Discover the luxury and exotic charm of noble historical interiors and preserved original pools from 1896, which hosted many celebrities during its existence. Enjoy the procedures the same way, as English King Edward VII. or Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph used to do.

The building is linked with another most original and historically valuable spa resorts called „New Spa“ and „Maria Spa Courtyard“, and the special indoor corridor is decorated with paintings and photographs showing the history and the development of the town.

Reitenbergerova 53/2, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | website | Tripadvisor

Spa Resort „Centrální Lázně“

The place, where Marienbad was founded – the unique building with the source of Maria‘s Spring, the oldest and rarest mineral spring of whole the town. Visit the largest and most traditional spa department and experience original historical treatment as millions of satisfied guest throughout all the 200 years long history of this spa.

Goethovo nám. 16/1, 35301 Mariánské Lázně – show on map | more information | Tripadvisor

The Collonade(s) and pavilions

Explore the most spectacular architecture of Marienbad. All the collonades and pavilions are still keeping the atmosphere of old golden times and each has its own story. Visit the romantic Forest Spring Pavilion or find wooden Pavilion of Rudolph’s Spring, which is looking as a place from fantastic world of fairytales. Enjoy glorious atmosphere of the collonades as thousands of famous visitors who came into the town to enjoy all its beauty.

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Photo by: Josef Pavlovic