The little village of Kladská offers many beauties – the natural reservation with mysterious peat bogs, nice ponds and deep forests, romantic wooden castle with hidden spots as is a romantic grave of prince Otto Sigismund or a cozy restaurant with just a delicious wild game cuisine.

The Natural Reservation

The natural reservation is well accessible thanks to the wooden bridges leading above the peat bogs. There was a hunting area previously and if you’ll be silent and lucky, you can still meet some deers and other wild game animals here. If you are interested in local nature, don’t miss 1,6 kilometers long educational trail. All the route is accessible for wheelchairs and trolleys.

The Castle

The Kladská village was established by prince Otto Sigismund Schönburg-Waldenburg. He was a passionate nature lover and the hunting here had a strict rules. According to legend, the prince knew each animal personally – and in the golden times, there was even more than 1000 deers inside the territory! And of course, it was Otto Sigismund, who also ordered a build of the wooden castle, adapted to nice hotel few years ago. Otto loved his beautiful new home so much, that he even wanted to stay here after his death – you can find his grave hidden between the trees and decorated with romantic stone cross.

Gastronomical experiences

There are 3 restaurants and the Best one is a bit hidden – better make sure that you’re on the right place. Restaurant Kladská is situated in one of nice hunting huts and offers highly rated Czech and French wild game dishes. Some people even evaluated it as the Best wild game restaurant in whole the Central Europe. Don’t forget to try the famous soup with mushrooms from local forests!

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Photo by: Josef Pavlovic