Marienbad Centre with kids

Find all the hidden astronauts! There’s American one, Russian one and you can even find the Sputnik satelite right on Collonade. All you need is just to keep your eyes open.

The Singing Fountain is so funny! But if your children want to touch the springing water, take them rather to the opposite side of the Main Collonade. There’s another fountain, which is not singing, but your children can step inside, balance on round ridges and enjoy the fun with touching strongly splashing water. Don’t be ashamed – all the locals have played on this place during their childhood.

What is the absolute highlight for children in Marienbad? Spa Wafers! Try some of traditional flavours right at the Kolonáda Shop – they can heat the waffel and it’s simply delicious!

Enjoy an unusual listening of the best of Czech and German poetry. The original Poetry Jukebox located before the town museum has unfortunately no English translations, but the rhythm of Goethe’s poetry in the original will provide you an interesting experience, although you will maybe not understand at all (don’t worry, Czechs usually don’t understand German language too). If you are traveling with children, you can try if they know which poems are recited in Czech and which in German language.

Watch the ducks and other birds living on Swan lake. Make a stop on a „little bridge of love“ and read monogrammed padlocks or add your own!

Find simply but artistically decorated seepage of the Forest Spring with beautiful stone reliefs of the frog and other typical czech wild animals. It’s a part of a frontage of the building of Nové Lázně (New Spa).

Sit on the special playing bench and enjoy some famous Chopin pieces right on a street. Your children will love that for sure! The playing bench is located on the Main Street in the front of the Butterfly Hotel.


Marienbad Centre with kids

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All photos by: Markéta Gersdorfová Kolaříková