History lovers

There’s a lot of beautiful historical towns and villages in the west of Czech Republic. Just few kilometers from Marienbad you can visit charming Kynžvart chateau, famous is also the Bečov Castle with the rare reliquary of St Maurus or the picturesque town of Loket with romantic castle located on the top of granite rock. Another kind of sights can be found in Planá town – don’t miss unique local mining museum and beautiful historical square. Nice castle with medieval walls and also rare historical riding-house, which is the second largest in the Central Europe – these are the highlights of not so well known but beautiful town of Tachov.

Nature lovers

Marienbad is a gate to two natural protected areas called „Slavkovský Les“ and „Český Les“, so there’s many beautiful places around. Walk to the mysterious area of Kladská full of peat bogs and deep forests or visit highly impressive Three crosses located nearby the village of Prameny. And if you don’t mind longer distances, take a car or bike and explore some places that are really special – as are Svatošské rocks located nearby the Loket town or the unique reservation with a strange name „SOOS“, which is full of mud volcanos and bizzare looking natural sceneries.

Spa care lovers

Marienbad is a part of famous Czech „Spa Triangle“, including as well the Karlsbad and Franzesbad. Both these destinations offer many opportunities to enjoy special treatment or beauty care and of course, each has its own specific mineral water springs. Karlsbad is a centre of the region and it’s also a living cultural centre, Franzesbad is more enjoyable for those who rather appriciate peace and quiet. Another little spa resort, situated just few minutes from Marienbad, can be found in the town of Lázně Kynžvart. And if you like tasting springs, there’s even more places where to find them – almost each village located in the area of Slavkovský les has its own.

Families with children

Paradise for children of all ages – that’s Dětský Ráj Svatošky located few minutes from the beautiful town of Loket in a charming valley of the Ohře river. This pretty big natural children playground is loved by children but both by parents – enjoy the special air trampoline, horse riding and much more! Another children friendly destinations are Cheb and Karlsbad, both with beautiful leisure areas and big playgrounds. And if you’re looking for something funny but both educational, take your family to the Botanical Garden in Bečov.

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Photo by: Josef Pavlovic