The absolut highlight is noble neoclassical chateau with interesting expositions and such a charming parks around! But there’s a lot more to see – beautiful golf playcourt, nice historical village with mineral water springs and spa resorts, romantic church and cemetery or mysterious ruins of ancient guarding castle, which was according to legend a residency of robber knights during medieval ages.



The Kyžvart Chateau

A guided tour takes visitors to 25 rooms and absolutely worth it! There’s famous cabinet of couriosities with collection of rare historical objects as are Egyptian mummies, the comb of Empress Marie Therese or the original desk of writer Alexander Dumas. But it’s not the only interesting part of the tour – explore beautiful interiors as well as rich and famous history of this amazing place! Read more information.

The Parks around the Kynžvart Chateau

The Kynžvart castle is surrounded by unique parks with many attractive hidden spots. Don’t miss beautiful wooden Forest Chapel with romantic ferriferous pavilion and decaying but still nice historical tea-house located nearby. Enjoy enchanting lookouts or admire the beauty of centuries old trees. And after you finish your walk, refresh your energy with some delicious dinner in Metternich Gourmet Restaurant.

Mineral Water Springs

The most of local water springs can be found just in the village. But if you have some time, take a walk and explore also the natural wealth located in the town’s vicinity. You can follow the educational trail „Kynžvartské kyselky“ or just walk from Kynžvart in the direction to Marienbad and check out the touristic signposts. The youngest, but the most popular spring can be found around 2 km from the town – it’s called Tereza’s spring and you can drink it as a common water – so don’t afraid to fill your bottles.

Kynžvart guarding castle ruins

The journey to this place is a bit more challenging, but it will reward you with amazing view above the countryside. The castle is hidden between the trees and almost damaged these days, but there’s still one surviving rounded tower and also the terrain is helping to imagine, how could this romantic place look in previous times. According to legend it was Czech King itself, who ordered the castle to be destroyed, because the last inhabitants were robbers who attacked locals and pilgrims. Today is this place fortunately safe, but still makes the visitors feeling adventureous – explore its mystery as well!

Old cemetery in Kynžvart

On the way to the castle ruins there’s one more pretty mysterious spot – the beautiful old town cemetery with artificial graves and tombs of ancient german inhabitants of the Kynžvart manor. Please, if you’re considering the visit, respect the reverent character and keep silent of this place.


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All photos by: Josef Pavlovic