Krakonoš hill

Take a cableway and come to explore all the attractions and interesting spots situated on the top of the Krakonoš hill, the mysterious place with century long tradition.

The Boheminium Miniatur Park

The most popular attraction is the Boheminium Miniatur Park with beautiful models of the most important Czech historical and modern buildings. It’s a perfect place where to explore local culture and also get some inspiration for your future trips.

Krakonoš hill

The fairytale statues collection

In the front of Krakonoš Hotel you can find a nice collection of fairytale statues, which was created as a resumption of historical tradition on this place. The first fairytale trail was built here almost 100 years ago! You can still find the original statue of mysterious Krakonoš, the guard of local forests and nature (He has also German name „Rübezahl“).

Krakonoš hill

Another interesting spots

Make a stop by the beautiful Rübezahl chateau adapted as a luxury spa resort – this place was visited by many famous guests of Marienbad as was British king Edward VII, Tomas Alva Edison or Rudyard Kipling. Another spot worth for visit is a nice viewpoint located just few minutes of walking from here.

Krakonoš hill

The deer park

If you are traveling with children, spend few minutes also with watching wild animals in the deer park. There’s a little observatory, so you can see the deers from above.

Krakonoš hill

The bike park

Last but not least Krakonoš offers a great adventure for bike lovers. The basecamp of the local bike park can be found nearby the bottom station of the cableway, but the trails start from the top of the hill. Choose from three different levels of difficulty – from beginners to daredevils.

Krakonoš hill

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All photos by: Josef Pavlovic