Saint Vladimir Church in Marienbad

This small orthodox church is remarkable for its interior sumptuous decorations and has varigated the Marienbad atmosphere already more than 100 years. Almost the same time took the efforts to build it.

Orthodox chapel was lacking especially for Russian visitors in Marienbad. The first effort came in 1825 from prince Golicyn, who donated considerable sum of money to construct an orthodox church. But it had no support of local people, so the money were used to build the catholic church. After fifty years came another inconvenience, when crashed the bank, where were deposited the money from collection.

Only by the end of 19th century changed the atmosphere in society and came the right conditions for implementation of building. The most importmant was satisfaction and conevenience of spa guests, which includes religious  gratification too. Between 1898-1899 accumulated Weimar clergyman Nikolaj Nikolajevič Pisarevskij enough money for beginning with building. Foundation stone of church was laid in July in 1900 and after two years was the bulding finished and the church was dedicated to st. Vladimir.

The famous Russian architect Professor Nikolaj V. Sultanov drew up the plans for the building. The floor plan is in the shape of a Greek cross whose central square is supported by the side apses. A richly gold and cobalt decorated majolica iconostasis dominates the interior of the church. This extraordinary work of art was awarded the first prize grand Prix in the World Exhibiton in Paris in 1900. Originally was iconostasis covered by gold grille, but it, with the church bells too, was commandeered during the Second World War.

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