In the Czech republic bike services are usually located in the bigger towns and cities only, so don’t forget to keep the service kit, wherever you go.

It’s better to be prepared to all the kinds of the weather. Keep your raincoat and as well the sunscreen for the case of a really hot weather.

Always take some drink and snack. The border region is sparsely populated and if you’ll choose some longer route, there may be sections with no civilization and no option to buy food and drinks.

If you’re using some online navigation, don’t forget, that in the deep woods and some remote locations are still places without signal. We recommend you to use a Czech map application called „Mapy“, which is detailed, actualized and has an offline version for these cases.

Cyclist younger than 18 years must wear a helmet, for the adults it’s just voluntary, but highly recommended.

In Czech Republic is strictly prohibited to drink alkohol, when you’re riding a bike. In the case of using the bike while beeing drunk, you can loose the driving license for the car as well.