Marienbad Swan Lake

Planning a romantic weekend with somebody you love? Celebrating a wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, Valentine’s day, or simply want to enjoy some quality time together? Marienbad with its parks, colonnades, heavenly spas and gourmet restaurants is an ideal place for special moments like this. Read some our tips how to build unforgetable memories with your dearest one.

The Swan Lake

One of the most romantic sceneries in Marienbad is situated right in the town centre. Enjoy the beauty of the fountain in the middle of small lake, feed the ducks and don’t forget to add your monogrammed padlock on the handrail of the „Bridge of love“.

Czech name: Labutí jezírko | GPS: N 50°7.26007′, E 12°20.62940′ | show on map 

The Springs of Love

The „Ambroz“ Springs are really special – their healing power treats problems with love. There are three different springs – for those who are singles, married and divorced. According the legend these springs were the secret of Johann Wolfgang Goethe during his relationship to teenage Ulrika von Lebenzow.

Czech name: Ambrožův pramen | GPS: N 49°58.48800′, E 12°42.46800′ | show on map

The Chapel of Love

The chapel was founded by Julius Laska, the famous director of the local theatre. The word „Laska“ means „love“ in English, so now you probably know, why is this place so popular for weddings or rendezvous.

Czech name: Kaple Lásky | GPS: N 49°58.89985′, E 12°42.16467′ | show on map

The Christ Church

A beautiful chapel was a favorite place of British King Edward VII. It looks like typical old rural English church, builded in a gothic style. It’s a kind of couriosity, because The church of England never had any members in Czech lands. Atmospherical sanctuary is used as concert hall and a popular wedding place these days.

Czech name: Anglikánský kostel | GPS: N 49°58.46558′, E 12°42.11003′ | show on map


Relaxing walk throught beautiful countryside, charming nature, romantic wooden castle and a top-rated restaurant with a great offer of fine wines. Enjoy your special moments on one of the most beautiful places of whole West Bohemia.

Czech name: Kladská | GPS: N 50°1.53308′, E 12°40.07518′ | show on map | more information

The “Lido” lake

Natural swimming area is located in the middle of forests and you can find there a lot of hidden romantic places, where you’ll be (almost) alone.  And if the sandy and grassy beach is still not enough for you, rent a treadle or a boat and paddle into a quiet bay on the opposite side of the lake.

Czech name: Koupaliště Lido | GPS: N 49°56.49397′, E 12°41.36852′ | show on map

Summer romantic in Marienbad

All photos by: Josef Pavlovic