Wondering, where to acquire some nice gifts for your family and friends? Don’t purchase mass-produced and overpriced trinkets, which has truly nothing to do with Marienbad or Czech Republic at all. Here you have some quality local products, which are original and unique – as is Marienbad. And you can buy each for very reasonable prices.

Spa Wafers

Crunchy Spa Wafers are one of inherent symbols of Czech spas, and especially of Marienbad, because they are made right here. You can buy some packet at special Kolonáda shop or in the most of other common shops in the town. Visit the website.

Sativa Medical – original local hemp cosmetics

Visit the Konopna Apatyka and provide some products from local hemp farm, located just few kilometers from Marienbad. Hemp cosmetics with its miraculous healing power is a trend with growing popularity. Try its beneficial effect on your own skin! Visit e-shop (cz only) or follow facebook page.

MarienQ – local natural cosmetics

Small family company with 20 years long tradition is producing high-quality cosmetics from local sources. Visit nice parfumery „Julie“, located at the Main Street, and buy some of silky nourishing natural creams, based on mineral waters of Marienbad. Visit the website.

Marienbad Spa Cosmetics – Danubius

The widest range of kinds of cosmetics is produced by Danubius Health Spa, a company which is managing the most of famous spa hotels in the town. Luxury soaps, creams, shampoons or bath salts, all made from natural sources of Marienbad and surroundings. Provide some of them at Cross Spring Pavilion Tourist Shop, at the Infocentre right on the Main Collonade or via eshop.

Chodovar Beers and Beer-Spirit

Czech beer is a kind of legend. Surprise your friends, they will love it for sure! There’s not only the famous Pilsner Brewery located in West Bohemia. Few minutes from Marienbad you can find small but popular Chodovar Brewery, which is producing quality typical Czech beer since 1573. You can find many of Chodovar beers in most of common shops and malls, but if you have some time, make a trip and enjoy all the attractions right in the brewery and beautiful Chodová Planá town. Visit the website.

Magnesia Mineral Water

Popular bottled mineral water is springing 7 kilometers from Marienbad in nice village called „Mnichov“. It has a bitter flavour due to the high amount of natural magnesium. Available in most of common shops and malls. Visit the website.


Photo by: Andrea Piptová