Explore the Best of Czech beer tradition – enter the world of popular family brewery Chodovar, based in beautiful historical center of Chodová Planá. Visit all the fascinating places as are original brewery cellars dug into the rock during the 12th century, taste all the kinds and sorts or enjoy special care in famous „Beer Spa“. Chodová Planá is just a small town, but you can spend here the whole day – there’s a lot to do.

The Chodovar Brewery

Historical building of the brewery is open for visitors and the guided tour is such interesting! Explore all the mysteries of honest beer production, see atmospheric cellars as well as modern production areas and taste the golden wealth of the West Bohemia on your own tongue!

Gastronomical experiences

There are two beautiful brewery restaurants. The unique Beerrarium STARÁ SLADOVNA is situated in a historical stone building of the original malt house and has also nice outdoor terrace. The beer menu consists of at least ten different sorts of beers and it‘s compiled by the first Czech certified beer sommeliers Jiří and Vojtěch Plevkas. Another restaurant is located in atmospherical labyrinth of medieval brewery cellars and is called Ve skále.


The Beer Spa

Enjoy really special treatment with beer and local miraculous water called IL SANO. The original Beer Bath will help you to harmonize your blood pressure, but it’s also beneficial for your skin and whole the body. Or try the antidepressive and antistress bath using real hops – it’s so relaxing!

Walking and other sights

There‘s also beautiful castle in Chodová Planá – unfortunately closed for visitors these days. But you can take a walk throught the park located around – make a stop at beautiful ancient Jewish cemetery.


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