Music Clubs

First of all check out the Na Dvorku Music Club. Not big but very friendly place is a kind of legend between Czech music clubs. There are also two clubs offering weekend dance parties – Dyleň Music Club and Roxy. Last place is the right choice for all rockers and lovers of alternative genres – the Rock Club Morisson is located little farther from the town center but definitely worth for visit!

Where to taste the Best of Czech Beer

If you’re interested in Czech beer drinking tradition, the Best place to choose is Kozlovna u Stříbrného pudla. The perfect service, delicious Czech „Kozel“ beer from a tank and modern but both typical interiors – moreover, they also cook very well! Another perfect place to taste Czech beer but both Czech cuisine is the „Česká hospůdka“, located just few minutes from the Collonade. And if you want to get to the bottom, take some time and make a trip to beautiful Chodovar Brewery.

Another pubs in the town

If you’re looking for a place, where to have some drink and talk with friends, visit the Irish Pub. After more than 20 years it became a part of local culture – taste some of great Czech and Irish beers, rest on comfy couches or sit on a little garden and enjoy one of the most beautiful hidden corners of Marienbad. Another nice and friendly pubs are the Jameson Club with possibility of outdoor seating, and the Cinema Pub, which is located in Úšovice (about 20 minutes of walking from the town center) but is cheap and popular especially within the locals.

Events and concerts

During the summer season you can visit many events throughout whole the town. Many of them is organized by „Švihák“ society – they for example established tradition of Pecha Kucha Nights or Film Festival in Marienbad. Look, what events we can currently recommend or check out the complete event callender at official tourist website of Marienbad.