The Clements place

The favourite place of abbot Alfred Clements, who initiated the build of the Main Colonnade or „The Casino“ community house. Enjoy the view of the town or – like abbot Clements used to do – take a rest on a stone bench, which is decorating the view-point for more than a hundred years.

Czech name: Klemensovo odpočívadlo | GPS: N 49°58.66320′, E 12°42.78180′ | show on map 

The Mescery’s view-point

Beautiful white wooden bower offers a sight of Marienbad from one of the highest view-points around the town (around 700 MASL). But don’t be afraid – the journey from the town centre takes just few minutes and absolutely worth it.

Czech name: Mesceryho vyhlídka | GPS: N 49°58.69867′, E 12°42.64092′ | show on map 

The Karola’s view-point

Another romantic bower, situated nearby the Forest Spring. It’s named after Saxon queen Karola, famous because of her kindness and generosity. She founded many hospitals and was known as „the second Saint Elisabeth“.

Czech name: Vyhlídka královny Karoly | GPS: N 49°58.71080′, E 12°41.92320′ | show on map 

The Karl’s Cross

This view-point has been an inspiration for most of the historical painting and art works showing the beauty of Marienbad in the past times. The wooden Cross was ordered by abbot Reinterberger, the founder of the town, and should symbolize „an eternal light“ for all the visitors of Marienbad.

Czech name: Karlův kříž | GPS: N 49°58.42122′, E 12°42.37607′ | show on map 

The Hamelika Tower

Exactly 100 stairs is leading on the peak of this romantic rounded tower, which looks like ruins of the medieval castle. But it’s not – it was just an intention of the architect. The tower was build at 1876 and quickly become one of the inherent symbols of Marienbad.

Czech name: Rozhledna Hamelika (Panorama) | GPS: N 49°58.32628′, E 12°42.57335′ | show on map