Bike Park

Downhill scooters

Enjoy real fun during the crazy downhill ride. You can take it with your own equipment – it’s free – or you can borrow the all-terrain scooter and helm right here. In the second case is the price including both the cableway, which brings you to the starting point of the trails. You can choose from three routes with different difficulty levels – from begginers to real daredevils.

Czech name: Skiareál Mariánky | 1 km from the town center | GPS: N 49°58.39418′, E 12°42.77338′ | show on map | more information

Bike Park

The Rope Centre 

This forest rope centre, situated just 500 meters from the main colonnade, is offering adventure and fun for single travellers, groups of friends and even families with children – for them is in the area designated the special rope children playground. If you don’t have enough of experiences, you can also ask for the instructor. Ticket office can be found at a tennis club on the opposite side of the road.

Czech name: Lanové centrum | 1,8 km from the town center | GPS: N 49°58.94733′, E 12°42.02992′ | show on map | more information

The Rope Center

Bioferrata Bečov nad Teplou

If you love adventures in the nature and want to enjoy nice views, visit a botanical garden in Bečov. Here you can find the first czech bio-ferrata, showing the best and the most interesting of the rock vegetation in Czech republic. There are three routes with different levels of difficulty. The easiest is great for families with children and you don’t have to be affraid of climbing, because the way is rising just a little and gently. The most difficult way is designated for experienced climbers. There’s possible to rent all the equipment in the area.

Czech name: Bečovská botanická zahrada | 18,9 km from the town center | GPS: N 50°4.88405′, E 12°49.58553′ | show on map | more information (cz only) | web (cz only)


Ultimate paintball Slatina  

More than 25 OOO m² of former military complex is opened for you as an atmospherical paintball field with many of natural and artificial barriers. It’s situated 11,7 km from Marienbad in an intact natural environment of the border zone, inaccessible during the communism for more than 40 years. At the ticket office you can also rent all the equipment you’ll need. Don’t forget to make a reservation – the minimum is 12 players, so if you’re less, organizers will assign you to the larger group.
Czech name: Ultimate Paintball Slatina | 11,7 km from the town center | GPS: N 49°56.12687′, E 12°33.40650′ | show on map | web (cz only)


Paragliding Třebouň

Love flying? The nearest paraglide starting point can be found in Třebouň, around 25 km from Marienbad. It’s situated on the top of the hill with high 820 MASL. Unfortunately there’s no club or association, so you need to use your on equipment and fly on your own risk.

Czech name: Paragliding Třebouň | 24,6 km from the town center | GPS: N 50°0.83770′, E 13°0.14163′ | show on map | more information


Flying balloons Karlsbad

The Best perspective to see all the beauty of the west-bohemian region. Flights are usually starting from Karlsbad, but if you are a  group from 4-6 people, you can also manage your own trip starting at any place you want – the only important thing is to find the right wind conditions to fly. Trip ussualy takes around one hour,  but don’t forget that you need some time to prepare – so in fact it will be rather 4 hours minimum. After departure you’ll be symbolically accepted to the czech balloon-flyers guild and will also receive a certificate.

Czech name: Vyhlídkový let balónem | 62 km from the town center | GPS: N 50°14.41943′, E 12°50.60222′ | show on map | more information